DKC Workshops

A graphic of the workshop name, date and place that reads, "Oops! I made the web a better place: An Into to Accessible Web Design + SEO. Thursday, 10/13, 5 pm, HCC 408". It also contains a sign-up QR code and the DKC logo.

Accessible Web Design

A beginner’s guide to making the web a better place.

Build a Website to Help You Get Hired

Ways to optimize your website professionally as your portfolio.

Advanced Web Design Principles

Take your web design to the next level! Learn how to create a layout, pick colors, set margins and more.

Graphic Design

  • Impressionist Hand Painted sunflower with the words "Functional Arts Studio" in big letters in the top middle. There is a white instagram icon and "functional_arts" in smaller letters below.
  • A child saying "Hhe-he-llo!"
  • A child saying "You are the best!"



The Website Trinity – Learn more about basic website building by editing and customizing the Wordle Grid code that you can download below

Wordle Grid

A synthesis of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that lets you track your Wordle words. Simply type in the score, word, and optionally date and it will create a card to display it. Cards are color-coded by score. All the data is saved in your local storage, so you don’t have to worry about it disappearing when you reload the page.

A grid of colorful squares with words in the middle of them and a small "x" in the top right. There is a sidebar on the left to create a new card.
Hope your knowledge of color theory is better than mine.

Download the HTML file or open it on my website (opens in a new tab).

Wordle Week

Wordle Grid’s predecessor. A weekly spread to keep track of your scores throughout the week. Auto calculates the week’s total for you. Ain’t that sweet?

A table with days of the week in the top row and score numbers that you can input in the second row.
Please ignore the name difference. Consistency is overrated.

Download the HTML file or open it on my website(opens in a new tab).