Author: anastasia

  • “The Midnight Library” as a Voice Against Societal Noise

    “The Midnight Library” as a Voice Against Societal Noise

    Matt Haig’s Viral Phenomenon: the Good, the Bad, and the Cats. I got the inspiration to pick up The Midnight Library by Matt Haig after reading someone else’s recommendation on Medium. I’ve already read The Humans by Haig a couple years ago and found it to be just the right kind of book to get me out of a reading…

  • Photoshop Collage

    This is my first attempt at using photoshop layer masks to make a cohesive collage. It’s not the best, but I definitely learned a lot along the way. The bigger the background behind the character the better Make sure the whole head is in the picture if you can If the background is blurry or…

  • HTML Forms Lesson Overview

    How to make forms: The purpose of a <form> is to allow users to input information and send it. The <form>‘s action attribute determines where the form’s information goes. The <form>‘s method attribute determines how the information is sent and processed. To add fields for users to input information we use the <input> element and set the type attribute to a field of our choosing: Setting type to “text” creates a…

  • On the Skillet

    It marinates long and thorough on the skillet I sit waiting for the smell to pierce through nostrils and into my brain puncture and release the ooze and blood  dripping onto the  pan hissing in heat tomato sauce  spear I with the fork and taste it. raw.

  • “What does it mean to be alive?”

    I will ask you quietly,    irises of the lightest hue,   as if this – the simplest question – why the sky is – meanwhile, my throat will be  bleeding – in my head  I couldn’t stop screaming – chords snapped, voice lost, wishing I was a whale of the universe – see – my call…

  • Japanese Diary Entry 1

    The purpose of my Japanese Diary is to access my progress in Japanese on a regular basis. ジャーナル ( Journal ) きょう、にほんごのクラスにいきました。それから、へやみにかえりました。十二じにすうがくのクラスにいきました。それから、わたしわアービさんとひるごはんたべました。

  • HTML Lesson 1 & 2

    Last week I started learning HTML on Code Academy. So far I’ve gotten through 1.5 lessons and I am really enjoying it. Code Academy has an amazing interface and their lesson layout for HTML is great because your screen is split into 3 different parts: notes and exercises, code, and your website. As you go…